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ARML Power Contest

Since 1994, the ARML Power Contest has provided a challenging group problem solving setting similar to the power question found at the annual ARML competition.

Twice each year, in the fall and in the spring, teams tackle a set of problems surrounding a single theme or developing a mathematical idea or theorem. Problems are a mix of computations, written proofs, searches for counterexamples, and anything else that helps develop the theme. The level of the mathematics is such that a small team of inexperienced students can work a few of the problems, while a large team of experienced mathletes will still be challenged with the details of the proofs. There is no limit on the size of the team that can compete, and larger teams will likely be needed to get to all the parts of the problem set within the 45 minutes time limit.

The 2017–2018 ARML Power Contest windows are October 28 through November 12 and February 24 through March 11. Coaches will be able to download the contest materials during the week prior to the above dates and may schedule the contest anytime during the designated window (exceptions are possible—see the complete rules for details). After completing the contest, the student solutions are then mailed to the contest coordinator or posted electronically. They will be scored and mailed back to the coaches after the contest window closes. Trophies will be awarded to the top ten scoring teams at next year's ARML Competition. The The Harry and Ruth Ruderman Award is awarded to the winning team.

Click on the registration link above to register a new team or re-activate your team from a previous year. If you had a team but can't remember your password, please let me know and I'll reset it for you.

Contact the contest administrator, Micah Fogel if you have more questions about the Power Contest.

Special note for students and coaches in mainland China

Participation in the Power Contest is being coordinated through ASDAN CHINA. If you are interested in organizing a team, please contact them at math@seedasdan.org.

ARML wishes to thank the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society for sponsoring the ARML Power Contest.