The 40th Annual ARML Competition was held on
May 29th and May 30, 2015.


All students who participated in ARML 2015 are eligible for a complimentary one-year Mathematica Student Edition license plus a free year of WolframAlpha Pro. The letter below explains how one can retrieve their complementary license.

Letter from Wolfram Alpha

Click here for the complete results from the competition.

SFBA/Norhern California A1 is the winner of the A Division!

Wild Wild West B1 is the winner of the B Division!

Brice Huang from the West Windsor-Plainsboro A1 team won
the "Tie-Breaker Round" and is the winner of the Individual Competition!

Brice Huang was the only student who has a perfect score (10 out of 10)
in the Individual Competition.

Macau is the winner of the IRML-Onsite Division!

The results from the IRML-Offsite division are pending and will be posted shortly.