The 42nd Annual ARML Competition was held on
June 2nd and June 3rd, 2017.
The registration deadline was May 9, 2017.

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University of Iowa    University of Georgia (Available Soon!)

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"Some Mathematical Ideas Used in the Competition"    ARML Competition Rules    Scoring Procedure   
Instructions for Relay Round    Teams That Must Compete In Division A   
Coach Certificate    Participant Certificate    Sample Medical Information and Waiver Form (Penn State)


The 20 highest scoring regions from the 2016 competition must compete in Division A for the 2017 competition. All teams from the following regions will be placed in division A. Regions that do not appear on this list may compete in Division B. Please see the announcement regarding this rule change for more information.

1 SFBA/NorCal
3 Pearl
4 Chicago
5 Minnesota
6 Montgomery
7 Southern California
8 Michigan
9 Lehigh Valley
10 Texas (10th and 16th place in 2016)
11 San Diego
12 WWP
13 North Carolina
14 NYC
15 Florida
* Texas
16 Buchholz
17 Indiana
18 Eastern Massachusetts
19 Connecticut
20 Washington